Automatic Vehicle Traffic Counter Classifier

Automatic vehicle counter-cum-classifier system means the various constituents and processes of the toll collection system in which the toll equipment can determine the configuration of the vehicle for the motive of charging the suitable toll to the user. Nowadays, AVCCs are progressively being used for permanent information collection or traffic monitoring.

Overview of AVCC:-
An AVCC system provider Intellitest Solutions Private Limited contains sensor devices installed in a lane to identify the length of vehicles and counting the vehicle numbers. It is based on vehicle magnetic mass. A processing unit, memory and battery are installed inside the ATCC cabinet. It can be installed on a pole or on the pavement. It is robust enough that a truck pass on the sensor does not damage it.

Elements of Vehicle Classification:-
The class of the vehicle can be determined by the magnetic mass of the vehicle such as amount of magnetic material on the vehicle, axles, spacing between the axles, number of tyres on each axle, and length of the body. Like, a vehicle with two axles and single set of tires on the second axle and so on, can be categorized accordingly. Every axle quantity and size increase / decrease the magnetic mass of the vehicle. Based on magnetic mass the system categorized as a van/car/jeep, while a vehicle with two axles and dual tyres on the second axle may be categorized as a truck. It is simple for human to distinct between the two. Deciding the vehicle class automatically, makes the life easier. This is the only technology which can differentiate vehicle categories more precisely than any other technologies available in the market today. In the given example the two empty vehicles differ only in terms of the number of tires on the second axle and chassis length of the vehicle. Besides, vehicles may be distinguished by the total length. The signal peak height decides the maximum magnetic mass of the vehicle and peak width decide the vehicle length. And number of peak decide the total number of vehicle pass.

Determinants of vehicle class may consist:-
Amount of axles and/or tires of a vehicle; Dimensions (i.e. length, wheelbase) of a vehicle.

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