About IntelliTest

Testing is the back bone of any design and ensures best quality. Quality can be achieved by using right tools / equipment for measuring the meaningful parameter correctly before, during and after construction of any project.

Since 2011 INTELLITEST SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED are providing solutions in the field of civil engineering for geotechnical, geophysical, pavement, structural and material testing equipment, field & laboratory testing and consultancy. We also provide geotechnical and structural monitoring instruments for health monitoring and diagnostic of dams, tunnels, bridges, buildings, over ground & underground mines and large construction sites on short term and long term monitoring. Our experts organise training session to educate the community and introduce the latest & innovations in the respective field. We have stock of large number of resource which we provide on rental. It’s the easiest way to explain user the features, easy operation, maintenance and return on investment of the system and helps user to make decision at the time of purchase the system.

We explore the world to provide technologically advance, innovative, user friendly, affordable and practical solutions for our users. Some of our solutions / partner are having proprietary and patented technologies, not available with any other. Our solutions are not only excel in defining industry standards but redefines them to a new level and best suited for their respective area for operation.

Our cumulative experiences of more than 5 decades ensure our users are in right hands. Qualified and experienced professionals are smart enough to understand the client requirement and guide them for right solution as per project requirement and affordable to user.

We have wide range of solutions to meet the most demanding and unique needs in the variety of applications in the field of civil engineering. Our rich and wide experience in industry and huge client base that spread across India at various locations in the field of research institute, higher education, highway, irrigation, railways, construction, defence, infrastructure and mining etc.

We are committed to follow our values, and take pride in a safe and healthy work environment. We honour our commitments and foster open and honest communication where integrity and involvement pave the way for mutual success.

All successful people in the world do the things differently, they don’t care if others laughing on them. These are the people who change the way people think.

Today we can’t think of our life without electricity, internet, mobile, aeroplane and many other things we are habitual of. People who developed these, were not having any role models, even some of them were not graduated from any branded institutes like Harvard, Oxford, MIT, IIT etc., however the common in all of them was that, they thought differently and their confidence to do it.

We know you are intelligent enough and want to do some things great. However some time due to different type of limitations we drop our dreams to meet other more important needs.

Share your thoughts / concept and we shall work hard with you and extend all our resources for making your dreams come true. Come with us to change the industry standard.

If you are a student at any college / university in India doing graduation / post-graduation / doctorate (PhD.), and need some equipment to perform testing for your research purpose, please feel free to contact us. We shall provide all our resource free of cost for helping you to achieve your goals.