Engineering And Consultancy Services

We are one stop solutions for testing and consultancy services for Rock, Soil, Concrete, Construction Material, Environment, Mining, Building, Bridge, Tunnel, Road, Dam, Runway, Underpass, Smart City, Road Safety, Road Asset Survey & Management, Irrigation, Traffic Monitoring, Utility Mapping, Structural Monitoring etc. under one roof covering the entire range of geophysical, geotechnical, structural and pavement testing and diagnostic requirement.

International collaboration with industry expert helps us to be on leading edge and provide tried and tested methodologies and systems accepted worldwide. Subject experts in India who are known for their knowledge, experience and work, are part of our team, who ensure our customers are in safe hands.

Our facilities are managed by qualified & professional engineers and our Quality Control systems assure consistent and accurate test results. We are the first choice for many reputed Central & State Govt departments, Railways, Defence, Public and Private Sector organisations. Through our quality analysis and advanced reporting system ensure accurate and reliable information.

Our technical experts, state of art latest equipment and support staff ensure they meet client’s quality requirements to get the answer they need to take important decision about the project.

We have collaboration with more than a dozen NABL accredited laboratory for civil engineering material testing, covering the entire country. NABL scope covers most of the laboratory and field tests including Non Destructive (NDT) structural testing. It gives us advantage to provide all services at one point.

It’s our philosophy that never changed while technologies, testing procedures, systems and standards have changed over the time. We protect the interest of our clients and ultimately the public. We engineer innovative solutions to deliver cost saving, practical and code compliant designs.


People, who are planning to purchase system, can experience the ownership by using our rental program to use the system on their project and satisfy with system features, quality, reliability, user friendliness, rigidity, repeatable results, and user friendly software operation and features etc.

New start-ups or young entrepreneurs who have started their business journey can take advantage of our rental program. They can hire our system and make their name in the growing market. This experience helps them to take more knowledge and exposure when they plan to own their system.

Due to small work some clients are not interested to invest in purchase of system. They can take advantage of our rental services.

Some equipment owners are worried when their system is down and their clients want work to be completed at the earliest. They can hire our system on rent and complete their job.

Following resources available on rent to all users subject to terms and conditions please fill the details for us to contact you at your convenience.


Support division is the back bone of sales for any product. We invest in training of our staff at factory or call the expert here to train our force. Our trained engineers are always ready to help users to keep their system up-running. They travel every corner of the country to meet user requirement. We also take up installation and service job in neighbouring SAARC countries on behalf of our manufacturer / principals. It shows their confidence on our team and their knowledge about the product.


Training is essential for any person working in any subjected area to keep them updated in the related field with latest happenings, innovations and sharing experience with others.

Our subject experts having decades of experience and known for their knowledge provide lecture and training session as per user requirement. They are Educationist, Scientist, Industry Experts, Retired Government Officials from Highway Authority, Irrigation, Works Department, Defence and Railways etc. We provide solutions with blend of local knowledge, innovation, practicality and technical excellence. The training course includes theory, practical and field work sessions. We provide our systems for practical / field training purpose.


We know anything can start functioning erratically or breakdown any time due to many known and unknown reasons. Some breakdowns can be avoided by keeping the system under maintenance contract. We provide onsite service and repair facilities for the systems sold by us or our principals / manufacturers.


User can purchase calibration services as and when required by them. We provide onsite calibration service including Nuclear Density Gauge and many other devices / systems, some devices need to bring our office for calibration purpose. Please note that equipment should be in good working condition before calling our engineer on site or sending equipment to our office for calibration purpose.


Depend on system configuration we provide free and chargeable upgrade of the system. Some systems can be upgraded for more features at later stage by adding some hardware and software. However there is no upgrade for some of the systems. User should discuss his future requirement at the time of system purchase enable the person to guide him right product. That can be little costlier at the time of purchase however it save the cost of other new equipment which they may need to purchase in near future.

Maintenance Contract

We urge users to go for annual maintenance contract (AMC) for trouble free operation and to avoid sudden breakdown of the system. In AMC our engineers plan the service visit on mutual consent with user, depend on use of the equipment and provide routine preventive maintenance service. They check most of the system component and ensure every component functioning properly. During AMC they perform cleaning, oiling, greasing, maintaining play between two parts, tightening of all nuts-bolts, replacing any component completed its life or need replacement due to not function properly. It helps us to provide the timely service to user and avoid any sudden breakdown. In case of failure we provide emergency free breakdown service during maintenance contract. During failure customer registered in maintenance contract get privilege / priority over the customers not registered for maintenance contract.


If you have any old machine that is in working / not working condition, we can provide electronics / controller and software to make the system up to date. We shall save your good amount of money that is required to purchase new machine / system. We have multiple options according to your budget.