Dynamic Pile Load Test / Pile Driving Analyzer

The static pile load test (SLT) is the oldest way to estimate the pile load capacity on the field. The SLT is time-consuming, which can also delay the project duration. The process of SLT is too much laborious which also increase the costing to perform a static pile load test. Intellitest solutions providing Dynamic Pile load Test (DLT) / Pile Driving Analyzer helps to estimate the mobilized pile load capacity based on Impact which is given by dropping the hammer on pile head according to ASTM D4945 - 08
The accelerometer and strain transducer sensor are combined into one and attached to the circumference of the pile at least 1 to 1.5 times diameter below the pile head which is connected to data acquisition system which is wirelessly connected to laptop. The drop weight generates Impact the stress wave which will propagate in pile from top to bottom and get reflected from bottom. Based on upward traveling signal the mobilized pile load capacity is estimated using signal matching software.