Falling Weight Deflectometer

FWD is used for evaluation of load carrying ability of airfield pavements and highways. It is a device which is equipped with a standard 300 mm diameter segmented plate and coated with rubber pad to help in disseminating the load uniformly.

Test method permits a force amplitude and duration resembling the effect of a heavy moving wheel load and very precise deflection measurements, especially at large distances from the center of the load. The productivity of the FWD regarding pavement surface deflections for an applied load.

Features of the Falling Weight Deflectometer testing tool
The Falling Weight Deflectometer put in a dynamic load that simulates the loading of a moving wheel. The pavement reply is analyzed with software to control the elastic moduli, strains of each modeled layer. It announces the weakest layer of failure, residual life and determines the best rehabilitation choices.

Key Advantages of the Falling Weight Deflectometer

  • Automatic and fast structural pavement testing relevant to pavements all over the world
  • Regulates the layer of failure, rather than determining the bearing capacity
  • QA/QC of afresh built pavements
  • Equates a variety of rehabilitation choices, including plane off and recycling rather than applying overlaps.
  • The use of the FWD offers correct, reproducible and repeatable structural information.
  • Automated and real-time intensive care of the load cell, geophones, and data differences safeguards high quality of composed statistics.
  • Practices mechanistic-empirical analysis applicable to most of pavement structures
The FWD at Intellitest is used universal from the newest and driest deserts, to the humid tropics and the cooler Polar Regions.
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