Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetration radar (GPR) at Intellitest Solutions Private Limited is a non-destructive test method that generates an electromagnetic signal that penetrates the subsoil and measures the amplitude of the signal and the time it takes to return. The GPR data provide high-resolution transverse images of the scanned material. Different levels of resolution and study depth can be obtained by means of antennas of different frequencies. The data is very versatile and can be applied to many disciplines.

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GPR is an adaptable geophysical technique. It can be used in the geotechnical field, for the inspection and analysis of concrete, as well as in projects in other fields, for example environmental, archaeological and transport.

It is used throughout the life cycle of a project, from design to maintenance and exploitation. GPR is frequently used during the design phase of construction projects in order to study the geological properties of the land or identify the location of buried services and underground anomalies. It is also commonly used during the construction phase and afterwards to verify the thickness of the concrete or locate reinforcing bars or buried service pipes.

The GPR can be used to collect the following types of data:


  • Location of post-tensioned reinforcement bars / cables
  • Location of buried services and conduits
  • Thickness of concrete slabs / roofs
  • Integrity of the concrete / identification of holes Environmental
  • Land evaluation
  • Location of underground storage tanks and tanks
  • Plotting landfill and pit boundaries
  • Archaeological and forensic investigations
  • Cartography of pollutant vapor columns
  • Aquifer mapping
  • Transport
  • Thickness of the asphalt
  • Evaluation of base layers and hole detection
  • Evaluation of the state of bridges
  • Thickness of bridge deck and concrete deck

Among the advantages of working with GPR solution are the following:

  • High level of quality: our geophysical experts provide the best data collection and interpretation services
  • Profitability: we select the optimal parameters to collect the best data at the first attempt
  • Professional reports: they describe the technology used and explain in depth the results and interpretations
  • Non-destructive technology
  • Rapid results: most of the results are obtained in real time, which allows the study data to be evaluated without delay

ground penetrating radar in india

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR for shallow depth

ground penetrating radar india

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR for deeper depth