Low Strain Integrity Test / Sonic Echo

Intellitest solution is providing testing facility of Low strain Integrity Test. Low strain Integrity test / PIT help to detect problems such as necking, honeycombing, bulging, etc. In the case of cast-in-situ pile construction, the main concern is about the concrete quality of the pile. When the pile is cast in the loose soil then there is a chance of soil incursion or bulging and when reinforcement cage is dense than concrete cannot flow easily to the surrounding side of the pile which can cause necking in the pile.
The accelerometer is attached at pile top to measure the vibration which is generated by impact using a hammer. Based on the signal interpretation flaws can be detected in the pile.
The special feature of PIT is the signal matching software which helps to generate the pile shape based on the signal which is recorded by sensor and site borehole soil profile. This feature helps to get an idea of pile shape and the defect is allowable or should reject the pile.